What is a CMS?
A Content Management System (CMS) is a software package specifically designed to manage a website. It provides you with a simple, non-technical way of updating your content. Just point-and-click, type in the new words, and hit save. Your site is instantly updated.

Along with the many other administrative tools, this leaves you to concentrate on the words, and not on the technology.

The JGD Content Management System
With a Content Management System from JGD you are able to edit all aspects of your website with our WYSIWYG (“What You See Is What You Get”) editor. But with our CMS you aren’t just limited to ‘editing your website’... Our CMS does much much more. Imagine being able to edit your website, control your client database, manage your own email marketing and online shop, generate reports on any part of your online business and more from anywhere in the world!

Save time and money by merging these various business aspects into one simple to use Online Console.

What else can the JGD Content Management System Do?
For a full detailed list of all the features of our CMS please click here.

JGD Content Management System Screenshots
Dashboard - The opening screen of our Console which gives you a brief overview of all aspects of your business.Client Database - Your database of customers/clients. Use them to send marketing campaigns and newsletters, track orders and enquiries or add notes and tasks.
Send professional newsletters and marketing campaigns to all or some of your customers within minutes! Keep them up to date with whats going on in your business.Professional Reporting - Generate reports about any aspect of your business! Find out where your website visitors are visiting from, what product is selling best, who opened your latest newsletter and much much more.
Set Workflows for different processes of your business. Get SMS notifications for online sales or enquiries. Set escalation times if jobs haven't been completed by a certain time.Our